Watch: Manchester City players pranked by comedy character Troy Hawke


A video of comedian Milo McCabe’s Greeters Guild character Troy Hawke has gone viral where he is pranking Manchester City players. In the video, the comedian can be seen greeting the players ahead of their trip to America. His pranks left a number of them baffled including Jack Grealish.

‘I have what?’ replied Grealish, before asking his fellow player inside ‘did he say anything to you that guy?’

Hawke had more luck with new signing Kalvin Phillips, saying ‘welcome to training sir, you have clear eyes and fabulous skin, you’re clearly a master of hydration.’

The comedian then greeted numerous of City’s star players with different compliments or remarks, including new signing Erling Haaland.

‘Welcome to training camp, you are a tremendous Nordic meat shield. Have at it.’ The Greeters Guild comedian labelled Erling Haaland a ‘tremendous Nordic meat shield’

Ruben Dias questioned who the comedy character Troy Hawke was when he arrived at camp.

The entire travelling squad were greeted including the staff with some of the players such as Ruben Dias even questioned who the comedian is.

At the end, Hawke met City manager Pep Guardiola. “Who’s more the pep talker: the pep talker, or the pep talker who gives Pep a pep talk?” asked Hawke.

“Pep pep talker,” Guardiola replied, before hurrying inside.

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