‘Stop treating loyal fans so callously’: Man United supporter slams club for terminating father’s season ticket for missing deadline by a day


Rob Chapman, a Manchester United season ticket holder for the past 28 years has been denied by tickets because he missed the deadline by a day. Out of those 28 years, Rob has watched the game from the same seat for the past 16 years.

“So after 28 years as a season ticket holder, 16 in the same seats, my 73 yr old dad misses 1 deadline and @ManUtd terminate our tickets and sell on without as much as a phone call,” Robbie Chapman, son of Rob Chapman wrote on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Robbie Chapman slammed the Manchester United for showing no acknowledgement of 60 years of loyalty and accused the club they have no gratitude for how he and his father saved the life of a fan outside the Old Trafford in 2016.

“Challenged the decision but we’re told he was sent an email reminder. No flexibility, no acknowledgement of 60 years of loyalty, just a link to membership scheme if we want to attend games in future,” Robbie said.

“We are both devastated. It is not just a ticket to the match, it is a community that we have built up over the last 16 years. We have developed lasting friendships with those around us. Because of one mistake @ManUtd have taken that away.

“For a club that claims to care about its fans and has sought to develop a better atmosphere at the ground this seems perverse. Given this has happened to others in our section, cannot help but wonder why they are keen to remove longstanding fans,” he added.

In 2016, following a Manchester United vs Burnley game, Chris Madden, a Manchester United fan suffered a heart attack outside Old Trafford. It was Dr Rob Chapman and his saon Robbie Chapman rushed to his aid and grabbed him as he fell, dialling 999 and monitoring him until the ambulance arrived.

“Same club that was quite happy to take the good publicity when my dad saved the life of a fellow fan outside Old Trafford. Hard to think of another business treating loyal “customers” so callously,” said Robbie.

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