Russian club that pleaded Messi to join rejects Ronaldo, posts spoof Instagram chat screenshot


In a series of hilarious spoof chat screenshots, FC Spartak Moscow went viral on football social media with their take on the Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to leave Manchester United situation. Moscow had posted a spoof chat image back in January 2021, texting the then Barcelona captain Lionel Messi in the winter transfer window, who response to ‘Hi Leo’ was simply ‘no’.

On Saturday, July 16, they quote tweeted the same with another spoof chat screenshot. This time with Messi’s former El Clasico rival, Cristiano Ronaldo shown interested in a conversation and the club responding to him the same way Messi did to them.

“Pain again. But not for us this time,” reads the post caption. The tweet has more than 140,000 likes and over 30,000 retweets.

Ronaldo has been on a lookout for a new club destination in Europe with his priority to feature in the Champions League. According to reports, Ronaldo’s manager Jorge Mendes has presented the five time Ballon D’or winner to a number of clubs in Europe, but none have garnered a positive response. The 37-year old Portuguese forward had joined his former club Manchester United after more than a decade away last summer.

In a season where he scored 24 goals across competitions, Ronaldo was heavily criticised for slowing down the overall United attack and press. The English club also failed to qualify for the Champions League and will be featuring in the Europa League this season.

The FC Spartak Moscow English Twitter handle has been known to mock not only rival players but clubs as well. It will be safe to say that they upped their game this week by bringing in two of the greatest active athletes into their play.

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