’I wanted India to get 450!’: England captain Ben Stokes after Edgbaston Test win


Ben Stokes, England’s captain, has said there might be teams that are better than England but “no one is braver than us”. He also revealed that a bit of him wanted India to set a target of 450 to see “what they {his team} could do”.

Stokes would use a line in his post-match interviews to BBC and Sky Sports that has already gone viral. “There might be some teams better than us but no one is braver that us”, a line that explains what the England team wants to do under Stokes and Brendon McCullum.

It’s a line that actually came from the bespectacled spinner Jack Leach, Stokes would tell BBC.

“A great way to explain is that teams are perhaps better than us, but teams won’t be braver than us. Jack Leach said that to me about two minutes ago and it is a great way to sum things up at the moment,” Stokes said at the end of the game.

“There was a bit of me that wanted them to get 450,” Stokes told the BBC, “to see what they could do.

“We know what we were going to do – we knew we were always going to go out and try and chase that down from the get-go.I’m extremely proud. The last five weeks have been an incredible turnaround. The response from the team has just made it the most fun five weeks I’ve had in my team so far,” Stokes said after England chased down a historic run chase to beat India in the Edgbaston Test.

Clarity is the key in achieving the turnaround England have effected, according to Stokes.

“I don’t think everyone can understand what has happened here. When you are given clarity in what you want to do and what you want to achieve and you think about things bigger than results, then it makes everything a lot easier and it takes away the external pressure of what international sport can throw at you as an individual and a team.

“The change, you know, you’re talking about mindset and everything like that, but when you’ve got real clarity in what you want to achieve as a team and how you want to play it makes things a lot easier.”

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