Headbutt Trial: Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend calls him ‘compulsive liar’, accuses of cheating with a cricketer’s wife


Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend Kate Greville has accused the former Manchester United star of assault, causing actual bodily harm at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, in November 2020. The 48-year-old is also charged with common assault of Greville’s younger sister during the same incident, as well as using controlling and coercive behaviour toward his former girlfriend between August 2017 and November 2020.

In her letter titled ‘The Final Goodbye,’ Kate Greville called him a ‘compulsive liar.’

She wrote: “I know pretty much everything you have been doing with other women behind my back since the day I met you.

“My gut has always told me you couldn’t be trusted, that you’re a compulsive liar and a serial cheat.

“I always knew deep down but didn’t believe it, I wanted to believe things you told me and I really loved you.

“[But] you say the same things to me as to multiple women. I am not special.”

Greville also accused Giggs of cheating with a cricketer’s wife.

“I knew all about her,” Kate wrote. “She’s married, but you knew that.

“You were having sex on tour with her in Washington.”

However, Giggs has denied all of the charges. He stood down as manager of the Wales national team in June, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize preparations for the World Cup later this year in Qatar. He had been on leave since November.

During the trial, Giggs has said it was justified that he had a reputation for infidelity but said he has “never” physically assaulted a woman.

Ferguson defends Giggs

Giggs has found support from former Manchester United coaching great Alex Ferguson, who was called Friday as a character witness for the former Manchester United star.

The 80-year-old Ferguson, who was giving evidence in the courtroom on Day 10 of the trial, said Giggs had a “fantastic temperament.”

He told the court: “To have a career as long as he had in a difficult position, in terms of energy, he fulfilled everything we ever wished for.”

“Everyone looked at Ryan Giggs as the number one,” he added.

Asked by Giggs’ lawyer if he had ever seen Giggs “lose his temper or become aggressive,” Ferguson said: “No.”

Ferguson said Giggs was strong enough to take “the sharp end of my tongue.”

“I used Ryan a lot in the sense of, when I lost my temper about performance, I would use Ryan as an example sometimes,” Ferguson said.

“Everyone else,” he added, “in the dressing room would think, ‘If Ryan Giggs can take it, we can all take it.’”

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