Fan protests threaten to overshadow Manchester United vs Liverpool tie


With just hours to go before clash between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford, the highly anticipated match is in danger of being overshadowed by protests called by United fans.

The most prominent fan group behind the protests is ‘1958 – a group that calls itself as “an underground group of Reds intent on upholding the values of Manchester United, its culture and traditions”.

The group has called for action in a statement.

“We are expecting massive numbers. Not all fans with tickets will get into the pub. We need to stress, be respectful. They have a limit on numbers. That’s why we urge fans to gather outside closer to 6:30pm. We will march at 7 pm. No flares or smoke bombs in the pub grounds and do not try and jump the fencing. Respect the staff, the pub and it’s grounds. Most of all respect each other. Bring the heat, bring the noise, bring the passion.”

The protests tonight is part of a long term movement which United supporters have taken part in against the club’s owners the Glazers family. Last season, a group of United fans invaded the pitch ahead of the United vs Liverpool kick-off which led to the tie getting postponed.

The Glazers have taken large amounts of money out of the club, including £743million in interest payments on the money they used to purchase the club. They have also paid themselves £133 million in dividends in the last ten years, which is the most of any owner in the Premier League during that period. Decisions like these have raised the fans’ ire.

If the match is cancelled due to the protests, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool should get the 3 points.

“I really hope it will not happen but if it does happen, I think we should get the points,” Klopp told reporters before the game. “We have nothing to do with the situation and if the supporters want the game not happening, then we cannot just rearrange the game again and fit it in somewhere in an incredibly busy season,” he said.

“I have no idea what could happen and I don’t think about it. People tell us we are fine, we go there and play the game hopefully and go home. But in a situation like this always the other team should get the points because they have nothing to do with it and they have prepared for it,” he added.

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