Ex-partner of Giggs accuses him of headbutting her; Gary Neville’s name also dragged in as waters become murkier


Ryan Giggs, a man adored and treated like a god in a the hallowed corridors of Old Trafford, was shaken off his pedestal when he was accused by his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville of assault and use of coercive behavior.

On Monday, Giggs stood trial for the aforementioned charges, with the prosecutors claiming, “Giggs has a more sinister side to his character.” Greville told the court that Giggs promised her kids and demanded sex all the time while he was dating eight other women. She also said the former Wales coach had headbutted her and nearly split her lip open after she refused to give him her phone, according to The Sun.

The waters became murkier when fellow Manchester United legend Gary Neville’s name was brought up in court on Tuesday when emails dating from early 2019 between Greville’s laptop and Giggs’ mobile phone, made reference to Neville who was part of a work Whatsapp group with the pair, said the Sun.

Greville said she had blocked Giggs after finding out he was in a relationship with another woman and the former footballer threatened to “chase her” on that work WhatsApp group, if she did not unblock him.

Greville was then working for GG Hospitality, a company owned by Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville. She also claimed that Giggs would get jealous and emails show he accused her of sending private messages and dating a man who also worked for the same firm.

“He’s thinking I’m private messaging [the male colleague] about being in a relationship, but it was never in relation to us but we were just work colleagues and there was nothing going on,” Greville said.

Giggs messaged her: “Are you f***** dating [him], if you are, you’re finished.”

“I thought he was trying to ruin my career, ruin my job,” Grevile said, adding that Giggs then said, “I’ll ask on the group who you are dating,” referencing the WhatsApp group which also had Nevile in it.

The 48-year-old Giggs is accused of assaulting Kate Greville, 36, and causing actual bodily harm at his home in Worsley, greater Manchester in November 2020. He is also charged with common assault of Greville’s younger sister during the same incident, as well as using controlling and coercive behavior toward his former girlfriend between August 2017 and November 2020.

Giggs has denied all of the charges. He stood down as manager of the Wales national team in June, saying he didn’t want to jeopardize preparations for the World Cup later this year in Qatar. He had been on leave since November.

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