AC Milan midfielder Bakayoko allegedly stopped by armed police at gunpoint


AC Milan midfielder Tiemoué Bakayoko was allegedly stopped by armed police at a police checkpoint and a video appears to show that he is being briefly detained whilst a search is apparently carried out. details how the alleged incident reportedly took place in the Porta Garibaldi area of Milan on July 3, earlier this month.

A video re-tweeted by Sport Italia journalist, Tancredi Palmeri, captured the terrifying incident.

‘Shocking footage of Milan’s Bakayoko in Milan’s downtown held at gunpoint by police cause taken for someone else,’ tweeted Tancredi.

‘Check when one of cop goes telling to the colleague searching him that it’s not the suspect but a Milan player, and the cop saying “WHO?,” he added.

While the policeman appears to empty Bakayoko’s pockets and throw the contents onto the roof of the police car, two other cops, with guns drawn, point them at the player’s car

However, it appears to gradually dawn on the police that they have the wrong person and quickly holster their weapons and console the midfielder with a gentle pat on the back.

“The search, happened on July 3, was due to gun shooting happened in the area in previous hours, and the two suspected were two men on a suv fitting the description, one of the two was black and with green shirt. That’s why the gunpoint,” Milan police was quoted as saying by Palmeri.

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